Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe Itinerary with Children

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The Grande Adventure Continues

After an amazing seventeen days exploring some of Europe’s greatest hits in 2017, our family of four can’t wait to get back to “the continent”.¬† So, for the summer of 2019 we’ll be packing our Osprey backpacks and hitting the road for fourteen days through some of Europe en reprieve.

Family Road Trip through Eastern Europe

Fourteen Day European Itinerary with Teenagers

Day One: Direct flight to Amsterdam

Edit: We are now flying into London – direct flight, less cost, and we’ll be taking the Chunnel with our Teenagers (perfect for Dad the train geek to Brussels)

Day Two: Arrive London take the Chunnel to Brussels

Day Three: Stay in Brussels and take a day trip to Brugge, Belgium then on to Cologne, Germany

Day Four: Take the train from Cologne, Germany to Boppard to take a Rhine River Cruise

Day Five: Take the train from Rudesheim, Pick up a Rental Car, Drive to Lauterbrunnen

Day Six: Explore Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Day Seven: Explore Switzerland then take a Night Train to Budapest

Day Eight: Explore Budapest then take an afternoon Train to Vienna

Day Nine: Explore Vienna


Day Ten: Take the Train from Vienna to Prague

Day Eleven: Explore Prague

Day Twelve: Fly from Prague to London explore Stonehenge and the Cotswolds

Day Thirteen: Explore London

Day Fourteen: Explore London

Day Fifteen: Fly home from London




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