Desktop Organization

It had never once occurred to me to “organize” my desktop.

Sure, I purge every now and again, search, find, and lose – but never have I really organized this space that I use every day, all day long.  I just hadn’t put much thought into it.  Until I came across Iheartplanners, a blog dedicated to all sorts of organizational tips and tricks – and this post about desktop organization graphics.

Her blog got me all sorts of excited about how to maximize my own desktop space and viola, twenty minutes of Power Point later my desktop is as gorgeous as that desk calendar I’m still searching for.  Have you found an adorable, affordable, date neutral option?


Feel free to use any of my desktop graphics, or make your own using the “Format Background” tool in Power Point.

Desktop Graphic, Purple:

Desktop Graphic - Purple

Desktop Graphic, Green:

Desktop Graphic - GreenDesktop Graphic, Gray:

Desktop Graphic - Gray

Other organization blogs I like include:

Every moment was a moment


Before right now …
in this quiet space where I recuperate
there was Sound and Fury
~ of little significance.
And I listened.

Then there was an opportunity here,
a chance to bust my ass there –
and a career emerged.

So, I worked, and waited, and volunteered for everything! … and eventually luck stepped in, the universe snapped, and amazing happened … but, only because I’d worked my fingers to the bone first and learned, and polished my craft.

Now the time comes to prove my own PR. I landed the dream job, can I hack it?